GCET Kreiser Award

Kreiser Award for Environmental Taxation

The Kreiser Award is an honor granted annually to a person who has made a significant contribution to the advancement of environmental taxation and other  economic instruments in research or policy. The recipient each year is selected by the person who chairs that year’s Global Conference on Environmental Taxation. The Kreiser Award was first awarded at the Seventh Conference on Environmental Taxation in Ottawa, Canada. Kreiser Award recipients are listed below.

The award is named in recognition of Professor Larry Kreiser, Professor Emeritus of Accounting and former Chairperson of the Department of Accounting at Cleveland State University, Ohio, USA. Professor Kreiser had the inspiration and  energy to begin gathering experts from key disciplines together to create an international forum for exchanging the latest research and experience on the use of environmental taxation. This initial idea and the First Global Conference on Environmental Taxation in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2000 planted the seeds that led to this successful series of annual conferences on environmental taxation. Until recently, Professor Kreiser guided the series as it travelled around the globe, hosted by a wide variety of institutions. For many years he was Chief Editor of Critical Issues in Environmental Taxation, currently published annually by Edward Elgar.

Kreiser Award Recipients